VFS Chartering selects akéreon email services for shipping to enhance stability of their correspondence
"akéreon provides the much-needed solid bridge partners can walk on!"


VFS Chartering LTD was established in 2010 in Varna, Bulgaria as a fully independent international ship-brokerage house. The Company is mainly focused in the dry bulk shipping sector and more specifically offering services within the coaster-handy size segment (3000-35,000 mts). Since its establishment, VFS has been steadily growing during the years thanks to its service excellence orientation and clientele. The depth of in-house knowhow & intelligence has positioned the company as a leading and well entrusted company in the European Continent in the sphere of ship-management and brokerage services.

VFS Chartering is using akéreon email services for shipping: email continuity which includes email/domain hosting and email protection, and the outgoing email service. The company has upgraded to premium email services since all email services are not alike and email for shipping is different. The akéreon premium email services provide professional helpdesk experienced in shipping for assistance with every single message delivery and access to online self-service tools. The unique security features that take into account current maritime email traffic to sanitize malicious messages, protect from email abuse, message fraud, report on suspicious use of email.

"In times of great competition and the permanent need to always be there for your clients, Akéreon provides the much-needed solid bridge partners can walk on!" says Mr. Tsveotmir Dimitrov of the Chartering department at VFS Chartering.

Email Services used by customer:

•   Email Continuity - Always on
    Keeps you connected to your emails continuously even if your office server is down. Ability   to retain messages for a long time. Embedded disaster recovery service. Includes domain/email hosting and antispam/antivirus services as well
•   Antispam and antivirus for shipping
    Email protection service dedicated to shipping; Filters all spam and malicious messages and makes sure that you will not miss any useful messages i.e. from shipping companies.
•   Domain and email hosting
    Rich email functionally including Web-Maill, auto-forwarding, auto-reply and email filtering; ability to reach your emails from any email platform or device.
•   Outgoing Email for shipping
    The managed email service takes care that all emails reach their destination, not marked as spam or end up as undelivered messages.

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