Outgoing Email Makes Sense

Online, realtime, user frienly tools for your Outgoing Email Service


  • Easy to read charts for delivered and originated messages
  • Find out whether your messages were delivered and when
  • Undelivered messages and wrong - obsolete - bounced email addresses
  • Search every single outgoing email message by recipient, time, status, ID, domain, etc
  • mpanel available 24*7


Login to the service here: http://akereon.com/mpanel




  • Graphical overview of your outgoing messages, circulars, actual deliveries to the final recipients
  • Measure the effectiveness of your circulars, get better results faster.
  • How fast are your circulars delivered? (i.e. 2.000 recipients in 60 seconds)











Search, Chart, export, compute, explain your outgoing messages


Keep your lists current and effective; clear obsolete and wrong emails


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