Email and Cloud services for the Shipping Industry

Emails successfully delivered to shipping companies wordlwide:

Premium email services for shipping

All email services are not alike and email for shipping is different. Click here for some unique and useful features.

Outgoing Email for shipping

The managed email service takes care that all your emails reach their destination, not marked as spam or end up as undelivered messages. The offered service is a dedicated professional email service for shipping companies, with no restrictions, regarding all your outgoing email needs whether to a small number of recipients or circulars with thousands of recipients per day. Click for more info

Domain and email hosting

Rich email functionally including Web-Maill, auto-forwarding, auto-reply and email filtering; ability to reach your emails from any email platform or device. Click for more info

Antispam and antivirus for shipping

Email protection service dedicated to shipping; Filters all spam and malicious messages and makes sure that you will not miss an useful messages i.e. from shipping companies. Click for more info

Email Continuity - Always on

Keeps you connected to your emails continuously even if your office server is down. Ability to retain messages for a long time. Embedded disaster recovery service. Includes domain/email hosting and antispam/antivirus services as well. Click for more info

Cloud server

Your cloud maritime messaging system, email server, Linux Windows/Terminal server or dedicated application server.

Cloud Backup

Store and secure your day to day business data off site to a cloud infrastructure.

See if your email server is blacklisted

A quick on line test of your email server against selected and reputable email blacklists.  If your mail server has been blacklisted, some email you send may not be delivered.
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